Lesson Series

     Shortly after college I took a graduate course entitled, Curriculum Development, along with 10 other students.  While the content was a bit dry, it did ignite a flame to write inductive Bible studies.  Furthermore, the inspired scriptures in Hebrews 5:11 to 6:12 clarify a common spiritual divide among Christians.  To sum up, Christ followers are “…to leave the elementary teachings of Christ…” and move on to “maturity” or a righteousness that “distinguishes between good and evil” to avoid “falling away”.  So, with that warning my Bible studies flow from discovery of truth (What do I believe?) to emotion  (How do I feel about it?) to action (What must I do?) to prayer (Surrendering to God’s will for help).  This is the movement to spiritual maturity/transformation mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally.  I hope these studies will help you or a small group of friends.

     The first entry here is a brief explanation of skills or rules of interpretation.  Pastors use these rules in preparation for preaching and teaching. You, as well, should understand them in your own study of scripture.

Rules of Interpretation  

Life in the Vine – Increasing the Likeness of Jesus in You 

The most important work of God’s Spirit following your salvation is the transformation of your character into a child of God.  Each Bible lesson will examine a fruit of the Spirit alongside the corresponding evil temptations that often challenge your natural character.  Spiritual and emotional growth in Christ-likeness is the key to a well-lived life.

life-in-the-vine pdf

Following Me – What Jesus Wants You to Know as You Begin the Journey with Him   

New and young followers of Jesus, as well as seasoned followers, will consider his most important instructions and directions for following him closely. Each lesson begins with his own words in the New Testament gospels.  His foundational teachings will keep you in his footprints on your path through life.

following-me pdf

The Steward’s Heart – Loving Jesus Exclusively  

The Bible says that everything you possess belongs to God making you a steward of his wealth.  To be a good and faithful steward requires changes in your heart.  These lessons expose the conditions of the heart that hinder and compromise good stewardship–but most importantly your relationship with Christ as you grow spiritually and emotionally.

the-stewards-heart pdf

The Steward’s Hand – Imitating God’s Loving and Generous Nature 

Because God is love, he gave and continues to give.  As his children, God expects you to imitate his loving and generous nature.  These Bible lessons highlight the many ways of Biblical giving that glorify God and promote the good news of Jesus Christ both near and far throughout his world.  Imitating your heavenly Father praises and blesses you.

the-stewards-hand pdf

 Suffering Well – Understanding God When You Need Him The Most

The journey of suffering can be a long one from the question of blame – “God, why did you do this to me?!” to, “Lord, use my suffering for your glory.”  But whether you’re the sufferer or the comforting friend, the better you understand God, the shorter the journey becomes.  The danger of not understanding God well, when you need him the most, is bitterness and the abandonment of faith.

Suffering Well – complete lessons

Marry Well & Stay Well-Married  “Till Death Do Us Part”

Marry Well & Stay Well-Married-pdf

God created marriage for “oneness” between a husband and wife, or exclusive intimacy spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically. Oneness doesn’t happen at the wedding–it only begins. It’s also fluid, not static–oneness can grow and diminish. What strengthens and weakens oneness is the focus of this Bible study.