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In my work as a stewardship consultant and regional team leader in metropolitan New York City and New Jersey, I was privileged to write resources for pastors and churches on a variety of subjects and practical challenges.  The following are several tools that might be helpful.

The Noble Task Elder Leadership in the Local Church 

These lessons are for those who are considering, or are presently serving, as career or lay elders.  Each will benefit from a deeper look at the Biblical roles and qualifications of eldership.  The real-life observations and examples from the author’s church ministry career adds value to the study.  All ministry leaders would benefit greatly from these lessons.

the-noble-task pdf

Biblical Basis for Pastoral Compensation

A Proven Compensation Review

A Proven Compensation Review Process for Pastor and Church Staff

Kingdom Giving

Missions Giving

The Great Questions Answered

Roberts Rules for Membership Meetings

A Rational for Church Membership

Seven Spiritual Habits of Highly Effective Stewards

Adding Additional Staff

Most likely lead pastors have no or little expertise or knowledge in how to interview prospective pastoral staff members. I’ve witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly, from the unfit for ministry to poor fits to perfect fits. Like it or not, lead pastors are blamed or praised!

     The Metro District leadership team wrote an effective manual entitled, The Pastor Search Team – Guiding the Local Church through Pastoral Transition. The following pages have been used by lead pastors for adding additional pastoral staff.

Church Construction Overview – Procedures & Major Elements

Some pastors I’ve known told me they would never plant a church or construct a church building. Neither are “cushy” endeavors. However, this Overview will address the many questions and procedures for construction and even renovation projects.

The Chief Steward: How to Lead Your Congregation to Excel in Financial Stewardship

I told a good friend in my church who was an English Professor and published author, “I want to write a book.”  He replied, “Well, you must have a lot to say because half of it isn’t worth publishing.”  I honestly received his advice as wisdom.  After 20+ years of pastoral leadership and stewardship, I discovered no published resources on the subject.  So I wrote the book and published it.  For a brief excerpt on preaching and Table of Contents:

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